Thursday Bets


Last weekend was an abomination.  The Bills just sucked and everyone knows you don’t bet on the Cowboys. Ever. Fortunately the Raiders covered. A true degenerate gambler though either has a a manipulative memory or no memory at all. So with that, we have a new slate today.

Colts v Titans

Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans

Titans +2.5 Logic would probably tell you to take the better team with the better QB in the Colts and Andrew Luck. However, 77% of the public is betting on the Colts. Casino’s aren’t stupid and the public without a doubt is. Don’t be a sheep. Take the Titans +2.5 on a short week at home.


NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 26 North Carolina at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech vs Clemson

Taking Georgia Tech +10.5 for no other reason than the desire to gamble (and I hate favorites)
NFL: 2-2
NCAA: 2-0

NFL Bets Nov 10


Oakland Raiders @ NY Giants

Raiders +9. While I am an unabashed Eli Manning hater, I think the Raiders will be really competitive in this game. Even though it is on the road and Terrell Pryor has looked shaky the past few weeks, the Giants defense (while better of late) is nothing special.  The Raiders defense isn’t as bad as they showed last week and I’d look for Pryor and Jennings to run wild.


Buffalo Bills @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Bills +3. This is absolutely stealing. The Steelers can ride high after a high scoring loss to the Patriots while the Bills get EJ Manuel back and Spiller closer to full strength. The Bills offense has been above average all year and they are getting healthier and get to face a run down defense. The Bills have an opportunistic defense and will capitalize early and often.


Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints

Cowboys +7. I expect the Saints to win at home but I also expect the Cowboys to pull off a little backdoor cover. The Cowboys have yet to lose by double digits all year and have the fire power to hang with the Saints. I am also not sold on the Saints defensively and I expect Romo to keep the Cowboys close.


Season Totals:

NFL 1-0
NCAAF- 2-0

Football Bets


Vikings v. RedskinsWashington Redskins @ Minnesota Vikings

Pick: Vikings +1. Short week, Vikings at home but the main reason is 70% of the public is betting on the Skins. A general observation in life is that most people are fucking retarded. Take the opposite side. Vikings locked in


Oklahoma at Baylor

Pick: Baylor -17. Baylor at home wins and wins big. 5-0 at home against the spread.


Oregon Ducks @ Stanford

Pick: Stanford +10. No strong feeling one way or the other but give me Stanford at home +10


Small Talk

small talk

I am going to start this off with a little bit of hate.  I absolutely hate small talk with anyone, especially people I don’t know. Being confined to an airplane with no where to go is the worst. These assholes corner you and attempt to engage you in small talk so you inevitably have to ask questions back about them.  And that is their end game. They want to brag two things usually:

1. Their shit job as a mid level manager selling some product or service that no one uses.  Your job isn’t important and neither is mine.

2. Their children. I absolutely hate children. There is nothing in this world that aggravates me more. It is impossible to have any entertaining conversation with a child unless you find you’re the type of schmuck that finds Tom Greene entertaining. They also cry, which is the single worst sound on Earth (and it is readily available inside any coffee shop, movie theater, airplane, grocery store, etc…). Very few children have done anything noteworthy outside of the kid who developed the cheap test for detecting cancer.

Me personally, I feel no desire to share any detail of my life with the schmuck on the plane. Why, you ask? I don’t value anyone’s opinion on my life.

P.S. I cannot go on a plane without sitting next to the sickest person on board. Recycle that air